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Why Us?

We`re passionate about what we do and know the internet inside out. We mix technology with sales and marketing strategies to offer customers a unique perspective on modern digital marketing techniques and methodologies.

Free marketing review and consultation

We always listen to what you want and review what you’ve got. Then we suggest a marketing roadmap to achieve quantifiable results.

Fixed price marketing plan and strategy

Our digital marketing plan and strategy helps businesses of all sizes to define a monthly budget, set priorities and meet their goals.

Committed and experienced team

We assign every customer a highly skilled account manager who is dedicated to ensuring your marketing campaign is a success.

Creative, technical and business expertise

Our team have backgrounds in marketing, sales and the creative industries. We use these skills to deliver a world class service.

Who We Are

Founded in 2016 by Anthony Shapley and Darren Scully, Ampology Digital combine years of technical and creative experience to produce marketing campaigns that deliver customers with a competitive edge. Their time spent working with blue chip and international organisations, as well as small to medium sized businesses, gives Ampology clear insight when working with businesses of all sizes.

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Meet Our Team

The business amplification specialists

Darren Scully
Darren ScullyCommercial Director
Darren is an entrepreneur and sales and marketing consultant with over 25 years of experience working in the IT industry.
Anthony Shapley
Anthony ShapleyTechnical Director
Anthony is a digital marketing and SEO consultant with over 12 years experience working for brands worldwide.
Terri Fenwick
Terri FenwickDigital Marketing Consultant
Terri works on our marketing projects and provides front end website development support to our team and clients.

Our Skills

We have a wealth of in-house skills at Ampology. Our team are highly experienced and have worked in diverse technical and creative roles for leading UK businesses across many different industries. This means we can protect your marketing budget and ensure it is channelled into the right activities for maximum results.

Our portfolio of digital marketing services is not conclusive, when we need a larger team of specialist technical or creative services we have a strong relationship with freelance developers, copywriters, media producers and designers with a proven track record in their particular field. No matter what size marketing campaign or project you need, Ampology can manage the whole process.

Customer Testimonials

“We’ve been working with Ampology for over a year. We initially engaged them to help with our SEO and PPC campaigns. Since then, they have helped us to improve our entire digital marketing programme and recently built us an awesome new e-commerce website in WordPress using WooCommerce. Darren and Anthony are extremely knowledgeable and are a pleasure to work with, they’ve become a valuable extension of our marketing team.”

Kieran Powell • General Manager • Radmore & Tucker

“When it comes to digital marketing there are plenty of commentators who talk a good talk, but Darren and Anthony actually make it happen.  Appointed just over a year ago, they have transformed our digital marketing strategy, increasing sales leads through cost-effective management of our PPC campaigns and spearheading activity that has increased our SEO rankings.   They are passionate about what they do and when they say they will do something it is done:  on time and within budget.   In an environment that can quickly eat away at budgets, I know I can rely on them to ensure we focus on what is essential to help us achieve our objectives.  Not least, they are great people to work with and I continue to learn a lot from their wealth of talent and experience.”

Jan Goodchild • Acquisition Marketing Manager • Deacon (Part of Gallagher)

“I can’t recommend Darren and Anthony enough! Their vast expanse of both technical and industry expertise have made them an irreplaceable extension to our team. Since working with them, our PPC campaigns have been cost-effective, which was far from the case before we worked with them. And they have guided us flawlessly from the start of our SEO journey and provided us with tangible results. If you’re looking to up your digital game, and see true return on investment – Look no further.”

Abbie Davies • Digital Marketing Assistant • Insure4Retirement

“OfficeLabs is not your traditional IT provider and we needed a forward thinking agency who could not just understand our services but how to present them to visitors of our website. Ampology surprised us with their grasp of our business and subject matter. Where other agencies went through the motions of producing a generic one-size-fits-all site, Ampology took the time to work closely and advise on content, message and delivery to our target audience.”

Graham Bidwell • Managing Director • OfficeLabs

“I cannot recommend Darren & Anthony from Ampology highly enough having engaged them to design and build my Company’s new website. Right from the planning, designing and finalising, through to going live they have been exceptional. They got to know about my company, understood it so that this could be truly reflected in the finished website. Super-efficient and responsive. Thank you!”

Helen Fuller • Managing Director • Care 4 Quality

“Anthony is one of the most experienced and respected SEO’s that I have ever worked with. His industry knowledge is second to none as his is ability to keep abreast of an ever changing industry. In a sector that is shrouded in mystery and false promises, Ant stands out for his professionalism, honesty and results. A true pleasure to work with.”

Andy Barr • Platform Manager • 10 Yetis Digital

“Darren is a multi-talented entrepreneur with a wide experience in commercial IT, sales and marketing and business development. He combines his unrivalled passion for the subject with a creative edge rarely found. He is a born leader and inspires others to follow his evangelism and driving positive business change. He is organised, challenging, competitive and an inspiration to work with. Darren is a highly valuable asset for any size of organisation”

Gary Smith • Finance Director • DB Foods

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