We offer a range of digital marketing services that are designed to help you to develop your brand, improve your online presence, attract and retain customers and ultimately make more money.
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We build it all – We can create whatever site you need. If your brand is small and just needs a professional presence online or you’re a large business that needs a bigger platform, then we have you covered. We develop content-managed sites and e-commerce solutions for our customers. We also integrate our websites with third-party software and applications, including a number of back-end fulfilment systems.

Having a digital marketing plan as part of your business marketing strategy is essential to the success of your efforts. At Ampology, we combine decades of knowledge and marketing experience to craft an informed digital strategy advisory service that is fully grounded in marketing theory. If your company needs to take advantage of the digital opportunities, all you need to do is seek our services.

We provide Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services that combines a detailed understanding of your customers with deep knowledge of the signals that search engines, especially Google use to measure relevance and importance of your website. Thus, we can develop strategies that increase your search visibility to help your site rank and convert. Every service offered is prioritised for individual needs based on boosting performance quickly.

Our Google Adwords PPC (pay per click) campaign management service provides you with everything you need for a successful advertising campaign all done for you by our experienced team. Along with years of experience, our dedicated team are Google AdWwrds certified providing you with the skilled marketing service you need to help your business succeed. If your business is using other Google services or products we can also help you to get setup or integrate additional products with your ad campaign.

Never before has the value of the brand and identity of a business been as a valuable to a business’s performance as it is today. Your ‘brand’ can be best described as the standing your business has attained in the market and the very soul of your product. Branding and identity also has to do with creating a strong connection between the product and your intended audience so that you establish a sense of loyalty within them. Successful brand identity involves conveying messages to your customers using a refined well-crafted tone that can grow your consumer base and help retain the customers you already have.

The first question people ask us is what is the difference is between digital public relations and more conventional public relations? These two forms of PR are essentially the same given how they both embrace creativity, building relationships and communication. Nevertheless, the factors that distinguish one from the other are the demographic they target and the strategies and approaches chosen to reach them. While conventional public relations usually relies on broadcasting and print media, digital public relations goes a step further to include online forums, notable online influencers, social media and other online avenues.

Business owners can’t afford to ignore the value of social media…literally. Over 2 billion internet users are on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Ampology will help your company utilise this cost effective platform to reach potential customers, stimulate conversation and strengthen your brand. We develop a solid integrated marketing communications strategy that not only focuses on social media, but also utilises additional marketing activity to ensure the messages get to the right people.

We totally understand the value of high-quality content given that it is a vital part of any successful marketing strategy. We fill this need by creating impactful content for your business and optimise its distribution across customer touch points, ensuring certain market segments are engaged. From training to promotional and purely informational, whatever angle you need is provided, and we ensure your company shines through. We are specialised in all areas of corporate content and have worked with a wide range of businesses, both large and small.

While a variety of communication channels are readily available, many business owners are looking for an effective mode of marketing, which will reach a large number of customers and won’t break the bank. That’s why we provide email and SMS text message marketing services to our customers. We develop and code email messages, SMS messages, advise on customer targeting, tailor messages to increase email opening rates and schedule the campaign to run at a times when people are ready to receive the messages. We also evaluate the campaign against set objectives to determine if it has been successful.

We can make it easy to track your digital marketing efforts. At Ampology we use website analytics and other data analysis techniques to collect information for our customers and translate it into meaningful insights. Using products such as Google Analytics, our team can help you to review the impact of your marketing campaigns and identify trends, quick wins, problems and much more. Using this information we then give recommendations that are designed to boost traffic, conversions, engagement or any other metric that would benefit the business.

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