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We can make it easy to track your digital marketing efforts. At Ampology we use website analytics and other data analysis techniques to collect information for our customers and translate it into meaningful insights. Using products such as Google Analytics, our team can help you to review the impact of your marketing campaigns and identify trends, quick wins, problems and much more. Using this information we then give recommendations that are designed to boost traffic, conversions, engagement or any other metric that would benefit the business.

Tracking Your Goals

One of the most effective tools in digital marketing is web analytics. By leveraging the analytics data, your business can understand and monitor the amount of traffic and activity on your website, how it is getting there and what users are most interested in while visiting. This is the intelligence that allows us to streamline your online marketing efforts. Guided by our highly experienced analytics experts, the services we offer enable you to collect marketing data, create reports and identify key performance indicators (KPI’s). We are at the forefront of the analytics industry and we get to test new features and functionality before they get to other agencies. We are the website analytics professionals that your business needs to attain success. Below are just a handful of the data analysis techniques that we use:

Unlocking the Power of Data

The data you have, regardless of size or shape, we can draw out the value and give it the chance to increase business performance. We optimise marketing campaigns, forecast the impact of digital media, and get insights from behavioural patterns in large sets of data to segment your clients.


With the latest technology, it is now easy to interpret and process data. However, this cannot beat experience as having knowledgeable and creative experts to operate the technology is the surest way of attaining success. Our many years of industry experience have given us skills to know which analytics tools to use and the questions to explore.

Commercial Focus

At Ampology, we believe that the first step towards success is understanding your business model and goals, as data and statistics alone will not help drive a marketing campaign. We offer new clients a free digital marketing review, where we gather information and data about your business and current marketing tactics, then we formulate a digital marketing strategy and plan to improve the results and ROI from your current marketing activities. During this process we use a number SEO, PPC and data analytics tools to steer your campaign in the right direction.

What we do

We start by confirming that your tools are set up correctly in terms of Google AdWords and Analytics integration. This is because we understand that the data provided must be accurate and actionable. Then, we organise goals based on your business objectives. Because everything begins with strategy, we know that smart marketing must be guided by regular updates that are based on metrics. With Ampology, you always get a conversion optimised website. Since analytics is designed to support traffic and conversion analysis, we ensure you are clear on your audience, behaviour and acquisitions. We examine acquisition reports, traffic sources, conversion rates, goal completions, top pages and paths and then document what’s working for you and the areas that need optimisation. We then analyse the data deeply to identify the visitors who are least likely to visit your site. Also, we analyse exit rates to distinguish the pages that are least helpful in supporting conversions to ensure you begin to see immediate results. Ideally, our efforts focus on the following methodologies:

Data Mining and Modelling

Your business success is highly dependent on customer behaviour. It is necessary to put your customers into certain classes and forecast their requirements based on the data you have. We incorporate a wide range of modelling techniques to help you identify various patterns in different data sources. This is achieved by merging digital and transactional data to get a clear view of client preferences and interactions. Our analytics professionals are thorough, being careful to help you give your segmented customers the best experience. We make your marketing profitable and give you the power to offer responsive services across the board.


At Ampology, we take a practical approach to optimisation using savvy consultation, cutting-edge data engineering and investigative analysis. For us, it goes beyond making surface tweaks to a landing page hoping to gain a lift in conversion rates. We know that optimisation is more of a systematic improvement across data streams and customer touchpoints, and this is why we use robust data and the right testing to certify appropriate changes. From us, you get sustainable results, a personalised experienced, increased revenue and long-term customer value.

Reporting and Visualisation

Customers love great designs. Therefore, we use agile technology to capture relevant information and process vast data sets and then change it into an interactive visualisation. Ampology creates vibrant and pleasing dashboards and reports that ensure they are also useful for the target audiences.

Website Usability

Website usability is a major step towards improving user experience and giving your website a facelift. Whether you are engaged in lead generation or e-commerce, it is vital to understand how your website performs, and that is part of what we help you do. Our website design and development team provide usability studies to help you improve the user experience. We are keen at observing the onsite elements that have the potential to drive conversions and identify the pages that make users drop out. That way, we can determine how effective your website is, and the areas that need to be refined to better serve your audience. By stepping into the shoes of the consumer, we know where your website is effective and the points of failure. Then, using competitive analysis and industry standards, we give recommendations to help you market your site strategically.

Every business needs multiple tools to understand its website and digital marketing performance. When considering the right analytics tools for your business, the plethora of available options may seem overwhelming, especially if you do not understand how to use them. This is why it is vital to work with professional website analytics consultancy service providers. Working with Ampology gives you the chance to see why and how customers are engaging with your business, empowering you to improve that experience to drive performance. Whether you need assistance in setting up tailored reports or a full website and marketing analytics audit, we have you covered.

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