Social Media Campaign Management

Business owners can’t afford to ignore the value of social media…literally. Over 2 billion internet users are on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Ampology will help your business to utilise this cost effective platform to reach potential customers, stimulate conversation and strengthen your brand.

Social Media Strategy

This is where it all begins. The right strategy will identify the platforms that you choose to focus on, outline objectives, state key messages and show which audiences the campaign is targeting. We develop a solid integrated marketing communications strategy that not only focuses on social media, but also utilises additional marketing activity to ensure the messages get to the right people.

Ampology will be with you every step of the way. We will analyse your competitor’s social media activity, advise on improvements that your business could make and come up with a realistic plan that will distinguish you from others offering similar services. Since we understand the importance of receiving a return on investment, we will identify the correct metrics to evaluate the success of the campaign based on the mission of your business or the aim of the social media campaign.

Our social media strategy will give you a clear perspective on:

  • Why the campaign is being launched
  • What it is designed to achieve
  • How we are planning to achieve it
  • Who will take part in it
  • Where and when it will take place

Account Management

At Ampology, we’ve realised that in order create impactful social media campaigns that deliver exponential results, we need to understand the external factors that affect the industry that you operate in. We will conduct market research to identify issues or opportunities that we will exploit to help you communicate to your customers in a language that they understand. We assign every customer an account manager who will work closely with you to understand your goals and then liaise with our team of experts to bring a unique perspective to your business communications.

Influencer Outreach

Nowadays, when a customer wants information about a product they are likely to look for it online. That’s why Ampology has over the years strived to establish and maintain relationships with a huge and diverse network of online writers and other online opinion formers. We appreciate that influencers are an important audience that can help us communicate with other important target groups. Gaining the support of these people by encouraging them to publicly support your campaign will attract a larger audience for your business. This is every marketer’s dream and we have found that customers are often very likely to value what bloggers and other influencers say over traditional forms of advertising.

Social Media Audit

If your social networks are packed with followers and likes yet there are no tangible results, it’s time for an audit. While the exercise takes some time and effort, it has real advantages. A frequent challenge for marketers is how to deliver messages that audiences can relate to. A social media audit is a way for businesses of all sizes to understand what customers need, and develop the right social media brand experience and content that will make them choose your product or service.

Paid Social Media Services

Ampology gets everything about social media. Before we begin your campaign, we will work with you to choose the most suitable social media networks to be used with your campaign. To guarantee that your messages get attention, we can create paid social campaigns on the platforms below:


It has become “best practice” to communicate with customers, partners, suppliers and your industry via LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. You can reach a targeted audience with sponsored updates and text adverts, the two major advertising options on this platform.

Our social media account managers will analyse ad formats as well as monitor data and analytics vigilantly to demonstrate return on investment on LinkedIn advertising campaigns. We leave nothing to chance. We’ll carry out a survey to better understand your target audience and how they prefer to consume information. We will then be able to create adverts and PR that achieve results. The next step is to set a realistic budget for the campaign. Your company can pay for cost per click or cost per impression depending on whether your aim is to get results or message exposure.


With over 15 million active users in the UK, this platform provides a real opportunity for B2B and B2C businesses. To ensure that you reach specific audiences, Ampology will tailor your Facebook ads to your customers and run campaigns that they will relate to. Facebook will allow you to run personalised campaigns and choose an audience based on demographics such as gender, income and social status. You can also reach influencers who could share your messages to their followers.


With over 13 million active users in the UK, this platform has been a must have platform for most businesses. Just like Facebook, we ensure that you reach specific audiences, Ampology will tailor your Twitter posts and activity to customers and run campaigns that they will relate to. You can also easily reach influencers who could share your messages to their followers.


A picture is worth a 1,000 words! Using Instagram ads, you can converse with audiences in a creative environment. The messages will be exciting and have a wider reach as Instagram is merged with Facebook. We will work with you to create unique and powerful ads that deliver results. It’s about time everyone knew about your business.


YouTube has become more than just a tool for video marketers, it is quickly becoming the advertising platform of choice for businesses ranging from large international companies to small start-ups. One of the reasons that it is becoming so popular is that it reaches people when they are not normally exposed to a company’s message. When you add versatility that comes from being able to combine traditional text adverts or video and audio messaging into a single platform, it is easy to see why so many companies are turning to YouTube to engage their target audiences.

We are certain that you will want to communicate with your target audiences using social media based communication channels. These networks have changed the way people communicate with each other and they are a powerful tool in any digital marketing strategy. Ampology leverage years of experience and expert online communication skills to help you create social media campaigns that will not only achieve their goals and demonstrate return on investment, but one that audiences will continue to talk about long after the moment has passed.

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