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Your online audience and search engines are no longer just interested in what a business offers, but the content that accompanies that information. Ampology understands the value of high-quality content given that it is a vital part of any successful digital marketing strategy. We fill this need by creating impactful content for your business and optimise its distribution across customer touch points, ensuring target market segments are fully engaged. From training to promotional and purely informational, whatever angle you need we can provide it, and we ensure your brand shines through. We are specialised in all areas of corporate content creation and have worked with a wide range of businesses, both large and small.

Our team have the expertise and experience to create and distribute world-class content in virtually any digital medium including:

  • Website and advertising copywriting
  • Email production and broadcast
  • Social media campaign output
  • Photography and graphic design
  • Video and audio production

PR Churn Shifts to Quality Content

One major ingredient of successful marketing is quality, and this is something Ampology helps you achieve. The new era of content marketing demands tactical focus, with the aim of propelling customer growth, spreading brand awareness, generating new leads and improving product perception on a larger scale.

In the past, we have seen brands flooding social media platforms and pumping as many press releases and corporate slogans as possible. Following these tactics can not only alienate your audience, but also encourage search engines to ignore your efforts. To avoid these mistakes we offer social media campaign management services and create high-quality content that will build engagement and encourage sharing. With a content marketing strategy from Ampology you will be gain positive brand awareness, higher volumes of traffic and activity.

Note that social media can work against you when you do not offer the content your audience want to share. We ensure that your content is interesting, entertaining and useful because we know if it does not feature these three elements, it has little to no value. The format can be anything from how-to guides, videos, photography, podcasts, infographics, adverts and any other digital media.

Why is Content Marketing so Important?

Many businesses recognise the value of content marketing, but most of them do not understand what it really does. Nearly every aspect of your digital marketing strategy needs high quality content to deliver the results you expect. The tone, style and professionalism of your content often sets you apart from the competition, so content really is king online. Poor content creation and implementation can actually damage your brand.

Build Online Presence

With Ampology, the content we create helps you to build your brand and online presence. We recognise that quality content is the fuel that drives your website visitors, social media followers, news publications, influencers and much more. Unique and interesting content is what we use to amplify your business messages and drive audience engagement.

Video Marketing

Most times when we approach a company with the intention of doing business with them, the question of why we are better than in-house video production often arises. Well, apart from being a digital marketing firm that has hands-on experience in the craft, we also happen to have an undying passion for video and photography. Some of the video content creation services we offer include:

  • Setting up a YouTube or other online delivery channel for your business and optimising it to ensure that your brand and content is well presented.
  • Planning and creating videos for you and handling all aspects of the video creation and distribution process.
  • Optimising your online videos so that they are indexed and ranked by major search engines  to ensure that your customers can easily find your content.

Take a look at a recent example of a video production project that we managed and delivered for Radmore & Tucker in Exeter.

Attract Followers

Social Media has become one of the key tools in the B2B and B2C marketplace. However, no matter what images or elements you incorporate, you will struggle to gain a foothold on any platform if your content is low quality. We help your business to create compelling and relevant content that is ideal for social sharing as well as brand advocacy.

Boost Sales Cycles

Knowing what is relevant to your customers is what drives success, and this is where our process begins. Understanding your customers and learning their needs is important to us since this is the only way to address their needs through content. We are an experienced digital marketing company, and we know the roles each type of content plays in specific stages of the sales cycle. We can ensure your content is aligned with the needs of the audience in every cycle, to make it easier for them to navigate from prospect to loyal customer. Our content addresses your business objectives, engages your audience explicitly and has clear measures to monitor its effectiveness.

Elements Involved in Content Marketing

At Ampology, we know how to leverage content to your business advantage. Whether you are looking for the expertise of a seasoned copywriter, video producer or graphic designer, we have professionals with the expertise required for measurable results. The following additional content creation services are available from Ampology:

Content Strategy

Working closely with our customers helps us to ensure that their content strategy is optimised and designed to support their brand and is aligned to their overall digital marketing strategy.

Content Audits

If needed we can review and analyse existing marketing and digital content to highlight weaknesses or gaps. We then supply a guide and roadmap on how we could help you to re-design or create content to resolve these issues.

At Ampology, we really do believe that every business needs high-quality digital content to enhance brand acceptance, win and retain new customers and ultimately gain a competitive edge. Our digital marketing campaigns also rely on content that is targeted, appropriate and professional. So when you work with us we guarantee that we meet all these requirements and exceed your expectations.

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