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The first question people ask us is what is the difference is between digital public relations and more conventional public relations? These two forms of PR are essentially the same given how they both embrace creativity, building relationships and communication. Nevertheless, the factors that distinguish one from the other are the demographic they target and the strategies and approaches chosen to reach them. While conventional public relations usually relies on broadcasting and print media, digital public relations goes a step further to include online forums, notable online influencers, social media and other online avenues.

Why is Digital Public Relations the Better Option?

The biggest advantage of digital PR over a more traditional approach is that it allows you to reach your target audience much faster. You are therefore relieved of the hassle of having to rely on the traditional journalistic media to roll out your campaigns at the right time. Instead of going that route, you could adopt more modern approaches that go in line with digital PR. Such activity could include employing the use of social media campaigns and viral videos that are guaranteed to reach your intended audience immediately. The reach these approaches have can be boosted greatly when combined with content marketing.

How we Bring in Influencers in Your Campaign

The success of a particular brand is sometimes dependent on having the right person in the right position talking about it with their followers. We will serve as an intermediary between you and the right social media influencers who provide the conduit between you and the audience you want to reach. By developing professional relationships with these influencers we are able to demonstrate why a partnership with your brand will be beneficial for both them and their followers.

Conducting Research on Your Audience

In order to figure out the best way to communicate with your audience, it is important to gather as much information regarding them so as to get useful insights. Our research methods strive to figure out what your audience responds to, the things they share with each other as well as the social media platforms they use. The insights obtained during this research form the foundation on which all the digital PR we do is grounded upon.

Social Media Campaigns

What we strive to do is formulate co-ordinated PR and social media campaigns that serve to make your brand the centre of conversation within the right circles. Our first goal will therefore be to isolate the right audience that will respond best to your brand. All of our PR campaigns incorporate market insights that enable us to map out prospective customers or target demographics. Campaigns are rolled out in a manner that fits each client specification, both in terms of tone and timing.

Great Media Relationships

While a considerable part of digital public relations involves the use of online-based strategies, there are scenarios when your target audience can only be reached through the use of traditional broadcast and print media. We have over the course of time developed long-lasting relationships with various figureheads in the industry. These relationships have enabled us to develop a thorough grasp of what makes these methods deliver results, which has consequently helped us to figure out how it can best help your brand. These relationships also enable us to ensure PR campaigns for our clients get priority with regard to how they are distributed.

Crisis Management

When a bad situation that could turn into a potential crisis is ignored the repercussions for your brand can be quite disastrous once the story blows up. Ignoring a potential crisis and expecting it to die down can turn out to be a costly blunder. You can bring us in instead to manage the problem and provide you a guarantee that the situation will be contained. The range of services we provide include

  • Ensuring any harmful allegations on social media are quickly disproved to ensure they don’t spread and do more harm.
  • In the event one of client’s employees makes an inappropriate statement or a publicity blunder we can help to clear the air and set everything right.
  • We can manage all your communication in the event of a recall of substandard products to ensure your brand isn’t harmed in the process.

Monitoring Key Performance Indicators

All the campaign strategies we formulate for our clients incorporate key performance indicators in order to ensure that there’s a means of assessing the impact of what we are bringing to the table. Since we strive to develop a great relationship that will be productive for the long haul, it’s imperative that you are able to see the benefits of working with us firsthand through our monthly reports. We will provide you with information that covers a variety of aspects that include:

  • How much your brand’s reach has grown
  • The rate of engagement with your audience
  • How much revenue our PR efforts are driving into your business

Partnering with Ampology will not only provide your brand with the inspiration it needs, but it also sets your business on the path to success as you will be able to identify your audience and know what we’re doing to grow it.

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