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Having a digital marketing plan as part of a marketing strategy is essential to the success of any business. At Ampology, we combine decades of knowledge and marketing experience to craft an informed digital strategy advisory service that is fully grounded in the latest marketing theory and techniques. If your company is looking to develop its brand, expand it’s reach or gain new customers, all you need to do is contact us and we can create a bespoke campaign plan that will deliver results.

Why Ampology?

Achieving success in the digital world goes beyond applying new technologies to old products, experiences and processes. We help you make strategic marketing choices that focus on the significance of client experience, creating new customer value and identifying profitable opportunities that lead to growth. We reach this point by first identifying your marketing plans and then make recommendations based on analytics and customer data. We help with:

  • Identifying the most profitable opportunities.
  • Driving marketing operating efficiency.
  • Creating engaging interactions for customers on the right platforms at the right time.
  • Developing a marketing campaign roadmap and budget.

Should you Employ Different Planning Horizons?

At Ampology, we believe that a business with a strategic digital planning approach is more likely to succeed in the long-term. Many businesses tend to have an ad hoc approach towards marketing, and this is why their strategies fail. We help you to prioritise your marketing campaign and drive activities that generate success. With long-term and strategic planning, your success can be consistent, and you get to allocate resources in line with the campaign.

Who Should Invest in Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning?

Every business that starts a marketing campaign must set off on the right foot and ensure their strategy focuses on the best marketing activities for the business and the potential audiences. This ensures that your budget is targeted, time is not wasted and resources go where they are needed most. Proper marketing planning is not just for large companies, small and medium sized businesses can also benefit from a structured approach. Building a successful strategy must begin with a solid foundation, and this is what we help you do. We will assist you in concentrating on the basics of online marketing, these disciplines include:

Search Engine Optimisation

When businesses think about online marketing, what comes to mind first is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) as it is considered to be a key determiner of how a site is ranked. The truth is that consumers tend to click on the sites ranked on the first page of search engines, especially Google. We help you to build a solid strategy in terms of selecting the right keywords and offering valuable content related to them. Unlike in the past where SEO was driven by keyword density among other factors, search engines have now discovered that the keywords can be manipulated. Stuffing them today or using irrelevant ones can make the search engines ignore your site. Our SEO campaigns ensure that your site has valuable content, relevant keywords and backlinks from reputable sources. All of these factors and more increase your rank and drive traffic to your website.

Building Strategy in Content

There is unique and engaging content in every great online marketing plan. However, the mantra, ‘build the content and they will come’ does not work fully in digital marketing. Creating content and expecting visitors to show up does not apply. Ampology builds effective content marketing campaigns, with an editorial calendar and a way to measure conversions. We know that this strategy is one of the best ways of ensuring your target audience sees your content. Before creating any content, success must be measured first. We determine what you need to do to gain more visibility so your content is seen by as many people as possible. Besides helping you optimise existing content, we define new content that will improve SEO, drive sales and ultimately increase visitors to your website.

Brand Strategy

By offering insights into the motivations and behaviours of customers, we help you to create branding strategies that resonate with your target audience. In an era where technology is at a very high rate evolving, engagement channels are getting more complex and the competition to attract customers is more intense. It means that every company must ensure its business objectives and brand are aligned, clear and well researched.

Online Marketing Strategies

Ampology understands that successful results from digital marketing are often achieved by a combination of marketing activities. This is why our team leverage years of experience to create strategies and campaigns that will enable you to succeed in your marketing efforts. Our digital marketing plans help you to identify your business goals, and we work with you every step of the way, offering as much or as little support through the campaign as you need.

Customer Loyalty

It may be easy to attract customers, but keeping them can be tough. Years of experience has made us understand what it takes to keep customers coming back. We create client retention strategies using customer data to design personalised communication and initiatives for rewarding them. We can help you unlock customer data to inform marketing decisions, create reward schemes, and build affiliate partnerships for your business.

Whether it is the first time you are venturing into online marketing or have been there for a while, a highly focused digital marketing strategy and plan can result in positive impact on your profitability and bottom line ROI. This means that your marketing campaign should cater for new and existing customers. Whether you are looking to gain more sales, attract visitors to an event, engage current and potential customers or simply increase visibility, we are the experts your business needs.

At Ampology, we offer a marketing strategy and planning service that empowers businesses by helping them to achieve and exceed their goals through rational strategic planning. Without research and a cohesive plan it can often be difficult to identify how best to meet and engage with your target market. We offer every customer a FREE digital marketing plan that resolves these issues and includes a roadmap and budget for planned activity.

What will you get from a Digital Marketing Campaign from Ampology ?

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