Email and SMS Text Message Marketing Services: Let Us Broadcast Your Message

While a variety of communication channels are readily available, many business owners are looking for an effective and consistent mode of marketing that will reach a large number of customers, and won’t break the bank. That’s why we provide a conclusive email and SMSmarketing service to our customers.

Email and SMS Campaign Management

We develop and code HTML and plain text email messages, SMS text messages, advise on customer targeting, tailor messages to increase opening rates and schedule the campaign to run at a times when people are ready to receive the messages. We also evaluate the campaign against set objectives to determine if it has been successful. A managed email or SMS campaign from Ampology will produce the following deliverables:

  • Effective implementation as we concentrate on what’s important.
  • Stunning design and functionality across any device.
  • Measurements and tracking.
  • Value for money.

We Dig Deep

Good email and SMS text marketing campaigns are based on research to understand the needs of the business. From keyword analysis to demographic and patterns of behaviour, our research and analysis provides insight of the social engagements, how audiences use your digital assets and communications. Our email designers and developers then provide a clear thread linking your marketing imperatives and campaign goals and objectives.

SMART Objectives

Setting realistic goals and objectives is vital if the campaign is to have direction and achieve results. Ampology works with customers to set realistic targets for your business, to give you an understanding of the return on investments that you can expect from the campaign. Our advice is based on preliminary research, experience and industry best practice. Our team can also help you understand the importance of using email or text messages in various sales channels. Examples of the goals our email and SMS marketing campaigns achieve include:

  • Increasing product or service sales
  • Generating more website traffic
  • Stimulating conversation on social media
  • Event invitation and newsletter subscription
  • Brand exposure

Target the Right People

Before running an email or SMS campaign, we find out which audiences are most important and how much time should be spent communicating with them. After that, we help you to broadcast your message to reach your ideal demographic. We work with leading UK data providers to supply opted in email addresses or mobile phone numbers that can be purchased or rented for broadcast purposes. We then manage the entire targeting, data acquisition and broadcast process.

Compelling Strategy

If you are unsure on how to begin, we’ll help you develop an email or SMS marketing campaign strategy that will outline the key milestones and goals ahead . We will consider your business objectives and current marketing outputs to devise a plan to achieve your goals. Focus on engagement assets, behavioural analytics and conversion tools will also guide our plan of action.

If you have the right strategy in place, everything will fall into place. Tactics such as automation, open rate and conversion tracking will be used during the campaign so we can find out if your campaign is truly effective.

Tailored Messages

It can be difficult to come up with a message that cuts through media clutter. Our marketing team will develop creative messages that will appeal to your audiences. Whether our professionals are brainstorming for a sales campaign or pre-testing messages to ensure they resonate with your target audience, we do everything possible to appeal to that group. We use technology and expertise to create captivating messages that are sure to win new customers.

Other considerations that will be taken in account when devising the content of the campaign is the nature of the program and the type of interaction that you seek. To get across the impact of the message, appropriate wording and type face will be used. Our creative team will also pay attention to the style, mood and tone that your business is trying to portray.

Automation Flows

Whether you want to develop a welcome or re-activation series of emails or text messages,  our team will help you to develop content that is guaranteed to be successful. The automation flows will target the audiences with content that’s relevant and engaging.

Engaging Templates

We offer an email template service that allows businesses to use our email designs and HTML code. Our designers and developers will come up with a customised template based on your existing brand. We can also revive old email templates and ensure that the designs unique and on brand.

Data Validation

Invalid email addresses, mobile phone numbers or duplicates do nothing but waste time and resources when email or SMS broadcasting. Data can reflect badly on the reputation of the business and brand. Since data that’s used in most campaigns is pulled from a variety of sources, experts need to combine, clean and confirm that your database has contact information that is in use. We use several techniques to improve email or SMS accuracy and deliverability.

Evaluation of Results

It’s important to evaluate a campaign to gauge how successful it was. We base the evaluation on the objectives that were set at the planning stage of the campaign. The assessment focuses on how much exposure your message received, audience awareness and if the customers changed their behaviour as a result of exposure to the message. Marketing materials are also evaluated to find out if the content was well written, the right format and colour used, and if they were ideal for the target market.

We have tools that will enable us see the click through rates, customers who opened the email or SMS and popular links. We can also tell where the customers who have opened the email are located . Our professionals will then analyse the results to help you follow up your campaign and the development of future email or SMS marketing strategies.

Whether your company is targeting other businesses or individual customers, conducting a persuasive email marketing or SMS text message campaign will help you achieve your mission. Such campaigns build the organisation’s brand and create a personality for your company. We have expertise in transforming business email marketing across a range of industries. You won’t be disappointed in what we have to offer.

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