Brand and Identity Services

Never before has the value of the brand and identity of a business been as a critical to a business’s performance as it is today. Your ‘brand’ can be best described as the way your business is perceived in the market and it filters through to the very soul of your products or services. Our branding and identity services are focused on creating a strong visual connection between your business and the intended audience, so that you establish a sense of familiarity and loyalty with them. Successful brand identity involves conveying every part of your business ethos using a refined, well-crafted tone and style.

Breaking Down Brand Identity and Brand Image

An amateur with basic skills in graphic design can’t be relied upon to craft an ideal brand image as it incorporates much more beyond his range of expertise. Brand image is a cog in the wheel of brand identity that works together with the other elements in the system to create what you’d call the face of your company. All the effort we put into the design process is meant to develop a brand identity that quickly makes it clear to your customers what your business is about, what you have to offer and the things you stand for. The whole endeavour purposes to align your business’ ethos and principles with the image that is projected to the masses. Working with Ampology means you can tailor-make a business identity that suits your business perfectly.

Company Re-branding

There are a number of reasons that may necessitate a re-branding exercise. One of the most common reasons is when the existing brand image doesn’t appeal to your consumer base the way it used to. Such scenarios require the whole brand identity of the business to be broken down and re-designed from scratch. Given your business will inevitably develop new marketing strategies to appeal to your target audience, it is imperative that your brand identity is consistent with these strategies. What we seek to do for you in this situation is to handle every aspect of rebranding process. This exercise will involve updating your business and slowly working our way through the various aspects of your business including advertising, websites and social media. The goal is to ensure you’re strategically positioned and poised to perform even better than before.

Logo Design

A brand essentially serves two functions. It sets the bar for your business in terms of quality as well as the principles and values it upholds. Your customers will expect the bar to be high every time they purchase your products or services. A brand also provides a guarantee that this state of affairs will only get better for the long haul. What a logo does is provide a face to the visual identity of your business. A well-crafted logo will be able to reflect the values of the business is represents. Our stellar history of developing logos for many businesses of all sizes has provided us with many special insights on how to design a logo that best portray the fundamental qualities of your brand and inspires confidence in your customers. Many businesses have an idea of what they want from their logo, but a considerable number do not. Nevertheless, this isn’t necessarily an impediment. Our designers will work with you every step of the way until a world class logo is designed.

Graphic Design

There has never been a dip in creativity in all the years we’ve been developing creative concepts for our customers. Given the fact that every customer is unique, the creative direction that informs each design is inspired by the unique needs of the client. The goal is to ensure that all our designs are able to strike a chord between both the businesses we serve and their target audience. This is achieved by ensuring there’s a strong chemistry between our concepts and our clients. The scope of our graphic design services is endless as it includes websites, social media, adverts and anything else that is needed in a modern marketing campaign. The eye-catching quality that is evident in all our creative and design work is intended to get the attention of your target audience. Given you’ll be seeking to connect with them; we’ll guarantee you their attention.

Letterhead & Document Template Design Services

As far as classic corporate stationery goes, the use of letterheads has persisted through the years with no signs of stopping. Whether the letterhead is found in receipts, bills, letters or memos, a letterhead still retains its importance as one way of upholding of the corporate company’s brand. While it’s true that letters and memos have largely been replaced with modern means of sending documents, we can still help you to maintain this brand identity by providing you with pre-designed document templates for almost any software application or package.

Web Design and Development

It is vital that your website showcases your brand and identity in the best way possible. This is why we take website design and development very seriously, our services are excellent in both respects, and we ensure that your brand is consistent across all digital platforms and well presented to all audiences. Having an active and easy to use website goes a long way in boosting customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Our creative team comprises of a group of gifted professionals whose primary goal is to assist you to develop a brand and identity that suits your company, the sector you’re in and your customers. You can rely on us to create fresh and vibrant designs that enforce your brand and inspire confidence.

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