Website conversion rate is the most important measurement that you should improve when running a business website, especially an online store. This is defined by the number of sales from the visitors on your website.

For example, if your website has 3000 visitors in one month and out of these visitors, only 3 purchase your product, the conversion rate is: 3/3000 = 0.1. The average industry standard ecommerce conversion rate is 2-3%.

Low conversion rate affects the profitability and long term success of your business. The goal is to have as high a conversion rate as possible. How much will depend on your profit expectations. Some businesses may operate profitably at a 1% conversion rate, while other businesses should aim for a higher rate. It is, of course, always desirable to have this figure as high as possible.

Conversion rate and conversion rate optimisation is influenced by many factors. At Ampology we illustrate how your business can increase website conversion rate by implementing code, visual changes and addressing usability and trust issues. If you want to find out how we can help your business with a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) review, drop us a line and we’ll book you in.