Essentially link building refers to the process of getting links from external websites. Web page ranking is critical for the survival of marketers and businesses on the internet. It is therefore essential that webmasters ensure their domain and web pages rank high on search engines for the essential keywords related to their businesses.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) aims to improves a sites rank, and link building is an essential factor in web page ranking. Another reason it is important to build links is that search engines use links to crawl the web and to navigate between individual web pages. In so doing, search engines discover new web pages to index.

This process enables search engines to evaluate the indexed content with a view to determining how high a page should rank in their search results. In making such decisions, search engines consider the number of links from external sites pointing to the web page and the authority of these external sites.

Benefits of Building Quality Links
A couple of benefits accrue when you build quality links to your web site. A primary benefit is an increase in your site’s authority. Google interpret links from high authority websites as a sign that the content on your site is a good resource to be cited and therefore worthy of higher ranking. In a nutshell, quality inbound links give your website greater authority, which equates to enhanced search visibility. Generally, your site ranking improves with increased links from external sites. A good quality link from a high domain authority website is a great way to increase your own domain authority.

Building Links
It is essential to point out that there are correct and incorrect methods of building links. Only quality links built naturally and organically will lead to higher rankings. This means that these links should be earned rather than be purchased or acquired through manipulative methods. Links acquired incorrectly can even get your site penalised which can result in you being dropped from search engine results.

Correct Link Building Methods
But how do you get external sites to link back to your site correctly? Organic link building is not easy and can take a while. Specific methods can be adopted to acquire organic links from external sites. One such method is to create compelling content that is unique and essential to the industry you are in. It should contain high quality information that people will find valuable and want to reference. But remember that no one will be aware of your content unless you tell them about it. Therefore, to get people to notice your site and to link to it, you must promote it. One effective method is to ask colleagues in your industry, journalists, bloggers and news outlets to link back to your unique content.

Internal Link Building
Another method for improving organic search ranking for your web pages is to build internal links between your web pages. You can achieve this on your own because you have editorial  control. The key elements to pay attention to for effective internal link building are the anchor text, the value of the page and its relevance to the page you are linking it to.

How can Ampology help build links and increase your website authority?

At Ampology we have an ethical approach to SEO. Many businesses are quick to hire inexperienced and cheap SEO service providers only to end up having their brand, marketing and sales efforts damaged. A majority of these firms, which are also in the UK, use black-hat tactics (including cloaking, hidden text, content scraping, paid links and doorway pages), recommend low-quality content and build terrible backlinks. Black-hat tactics are very dangerous as they are not tolerated by the Google Webmaster Guidelines. When you work with Ampology we give you a clear strategy for link building and other effective SEO activities. Get in touch to find out more.